Force Heroes Achievements

If you enjoy playing action arena shooter games, then you must have played the Strike Force Heroes game. It is an engrossing online game that will keep you captivated to your screens for several days. Your main mission in the game is to shoot whatever comes across in your way. The game consists of numerous unique levels and in each stage you can gain achievements.

Listed below are the Strike Force Heroes achievements that you should try to gain:

  • Maxed: You can reach Level 50 with any soldier.
  • Guns and Ammo: Buy all primary guns with any soldier.
  • Streaking: With this achievement, you can buy all kill streaks with any soldier.
  • Skilled: Purchase all skills with any soldier.
  • The End: You can complete the campaign.
  • Strike Force Hero: With this medal, you can defeat the creators of the game.


There are several Secret Achievements too provided in the game that you can gain as you keep progressing. Listed below are the secret achievements:

  • Human Plug: This medal will unlock Sky9 mod.
  • Embarrassing: It will unlock party time.
  • Water wings: This achievement will unlock bottomless.
  • Detective: It will unlock Tin Man mod.

Procuring all these achievements won’t be easy in the game. To make your game simpler, here are some important tips that you could follow:

  • There are innumerable weapons and soldier classes available in the game. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses. Some kinds of weapons or soldiers will work better than others in certain situations. So, if you feel that your weapon is not working well in a particular level, then try using some other weapon. Similar is the case with soldiers too!
  • To complete the level quickly and to reach new stages of the game, you should try to stick to one soldier class. If you keep switching around very often then the process of levelling will slow down.
  • Each soldier class has a special power and is good at countering something. Try to make the soldier perform tasks which it is good in. This will help you in progressing quickly and efficiently in the game.


Strike Force Heroes comprises of a wealth of options for you to select. You will be provided with more than 60 weapons, two modes to play, many unlockables and achievements, and an impressive gameplay. All arena shooter gamers are certainly going to have fun while playing this amazing online game. Happy gaming! If you never played it before, I recommend starting out with strike force heroes 2.

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