Strike Force Heroes 1 walkthrough

Level 1: Under Siege

In the first level, the player has the character of a medic. It is an easy level where you have to make 15 kills in order to finish it. Also, you will have a teammate that has the skills from those of a higher level.

Level 2: Rebellion

In this level, your mission will have you placed into a village. This level is all about a death team match, with plenty of soldiers that can be used in this mission. It is an easy mission where you have to make 20 kills in order to finish it.

Level 3: Hijacked

The mission is taking place on the Hijack map. It is a death match more difficult than the previous ones as in this level you must make 25 kills to complete it.

Level 4: Infection

The mission is taking place in the Caverns. Here, your partner will become ill and your best shot to finish successfully the mission is by using the tank.

Level 5: Siege Under

This level is similar to the first one, but in this one you will not be a medic anymore but a soldier. For winning this level you must have fifteen kills.

Level 6: The Cure

The mission is taking place in the Village and the player will get part of a Domination match. In this match, you have to gather one hundred points.

Level 7: Intelligence

The mission is taking place in the Foundry and all you have to do in this mission is capture the flags of the enemies.

Level 8: Tropic Thunder

In this mission, you have the support of your team so it is almost impossible to lose. The player must commit twenty kills in order to finish it and the mission takes place in the Caverns.

Level 9: Hide and Seek

The mission is taking place in the Facility. It is a domination match where you have to win 100 points in order to successfully pass to another level. In this mission, you can rely on your partner that will entrust you with its Kelvar Vest for keeping you out of damage.

Level 10: The Return

In this mission, you will be sent on the Foundry map and for finishing it you will have to commit 30 kills. Your team will provide you an immense support, but still you must be careful because the more enemies you kill, the more will arrive as backups.

Level 11: Plan B

It is a difficult mission, which is taking place on the Dormant Train. In this mission you have to make twenty kills in order to win. Don’t expect too much from your team because it will disappoint you.

Level 12: On rails

The level is moved on the Speeding Train and it is a match of domination. There, the player will have to earn 100 points for finishing the level. This is an easier level than the previous one.

Level 13: Boarding Action

The mission will take you to the Drop Ship. There, you will have a death match. You will be alone against everyone else and except the fact that you must kill all the enemies and you will also have to gather 50 points.

Level 14: One final effort

The mission is taking place on The Nuke. This mission does not require any strategies. All you have to do is to kill anyone that is attempting to land there from their parachutes. You also have to win 100 points.

Level 15: The Final Show Down

This level is a death match where you have to gain 50 points in order to finish it. It is an easy level as long as you choose the right character.

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