Strike Force Heroes 2 Unblocked

Strike Force Heroes 2, similar to its previous version, is a shoot-‘em-up free browser game based on wartime strategy. The game features amazing graphics, real-time action, and plenty of levels and missions for you to complete during your spare time. The game is now offered in an unblocked version to allow players to easily play from any computer around the world. If you love war games, then you’re sure to spend hours of fun blowing up enemy forces in Strike Force Heroes 2 Unblocked.

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How to Play

Your primary objective is to kill as many enemy forces as you can while making your way into the enemy’s base to steal their flag. Use your mouse to aim and target at approaching enemies, and use your keypad to navigate throughout each map and level. Unlock new missions and levels to complete the game and earn your bragging rights.

Game Shop

As you complete missions, you will begin to unlock valuable assets in the game shop. Purchase and upgrade your weapons to improve your chances of completing future missions. Each new upgrade and weapon that you purchase from the game shop will offer specific features and options available for that specific piece of equipment. Depending on how well you do in a mission, you may even be awarded with some special items that can help you further improve your chances of success.


Customization Options

Along with the ability to purchase and upgrade weapon options, players can also choose to customize the appearance of their character. You can freely change the look of your soldier’s helmet, body armor, as well as the color of his suit.

Campaigns and Modes

Strike Force Heroes 2 offers two difficulty modes: Campaigns and Challenges. As you complete the various campaigns offered in the game, you will quickly begin to unlock several challenges. These challenges are named this for a very good reason – they are quite challenging! Rest assured, though, even if you do not successfully complete a particular campaign or challenge, your game will be automatically saved so that you can return to that level again later.

Strike Force Heroes 2 offers players many levels and challenges to complete, and includes improved features over the previous version of the game. Additionally, it is now offered as an unblocked version to allow players access to the game from any computer around the world. Play while at school, at home, or at work, then share the game with your friends and family.

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