Strike Force Heroes 4

This is another great shooter game produced by Sky9 Games. In this game, the player will have part of a lot of action, shooting and amazing strategies that are required in order to finish the missions that lie in wait. The game consists of two modes. The first mode is made from Campaigns. These Campaigns are easy to accomplish as long as you have the necessary weapons and a skillful team.

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The team is composed from soldiers that you can pick. Also, the weapons can be unlocked after finishing missions. They can be purchased from the shop in exchange of the money that you earn after finishing mission or if you are a lucky person you can get unique and extremely powerful weapons playing at the slot machine.

The second game mode consists of the Challenges. This part is the hardest one from the game. You must have death matches where you have to prove your skills in order to survive and to finish the level. Your skills will also be unlocked after different missions and they can be purchased in exchange for your soldiers.

The game is all about kill or you will be killed. There is also another task: that of achieving flags from the enemies. In some levels, you must make 20- 30 kills for finishing it, in others you must gather up to 100 points for finishing the level and in some levels all you have to do is to gather as many flags as possible. In some missions, you can totally rely on your soldiers. There are missions where you don’t have to lift a finger in order to win, but there are missions where your soldiers are good for nothing and you have to carry out the entire battle on your own.

Strike Force Heroes 4

How to play Strike Force Heroes 4

The game is simple at the beginning. The first levels are simple to make, but as you start advancing in the game and go higher with the levels the difficulty, the game will simply become insane. You will have to use all your soldiers, skills and weapons in order to finish the levels without being damaged too severely.

However, everything depends on how good you are. If you pay attention at the first levels, you will be able to learn faster and also to adapt faster at new situations and obstacles that will make their appearances during the higher levels.

Controlling the game is quite simple. For movements, you can choose the arrow keys or the keys WASD. The mouse is used for aiming the enemies and shooting them. The weapons can be switched between them during a battle with the key Shift. Once you advance in the game, you will start to unlock different abilities as kill- streak. These abilities can be activated on the field with the key E or Ctrl.


Features of Strike Force Heroes 4

The game is simple put spectacular. The maps are extremely well made, and the options and suggestions from the menu are extremely easy to understand. The graphic is an outstanding one as well the sound effects. Everything from this game is attracting you to play it as much as possible. Also, another attractive thing about Strike Force Heroes 4 is the wealth content as well the wide range of weapons that can be used in the game.

All the weapons are unique and many of them are extremely powerful. You have at your disposal more than 65 weapons that can be unlocked after finishing a level. Those who are passionate about shooting games will undoubtedly enjoy each mission.

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