Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked

Newly released in an unblocked version, Strike Force Heroes 3 is a war-inspired online game loaded with action. Lead your team to victory by taking over enemy terrain while protecting your own.

How to Play

You begin the game as a military captain of an elite team assigned with taking control over enemy terrain and maintaining a strong defense against the opposition. In Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked, you begin your mission with a mere $400 in your pocket. Use this cash to purchase your first character, the engineer, who doubles as your team’s captain. As you continue through each mission, you will quickly earn more cash to purchase additional teammates and unlock new missions and rewards.

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Player Controls

The game has many different player controls that players must become familiar with in order to successfully beat the game. Players can choose to use either the WASD keys or the arrow keys on their keyboard as their default directional key options, and shoot their weapon by clicking the left mouse button. To reload your empty weapon clip, click the right mouse button. If you need to change weapons, you can do so by pressing the Q button. Additionally, to activate the kill streaks, simply press either the E button or the Ctrl button on your keyboard.


Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked features 50 different missions for players to enjoy. Each mission has different objectives for you to try to achieve, as well as various rewards to earn. To complete a mission, you will need to receive a higher score than your opponent. Your score is calculated by how many enemy combatants you destroy.


Squad Selection

Choosing the right teammates is crucial to your overall success in this game. Players can select between several types of characters and classes, including Engineers, Gunslingers, and Strife. When selecting your teammates, pay close attention to each class’s unique statistics such as their health, critical hit chance, AI aim, AI mobility, and AI aggression. These stats will help you overcome even the strongest enemy, if chosen wisely.

Customization Options

Strike Force Heroes 3 Unlocked allows players to customize their character and teammates in many ways. For instance, players are offered six different color options for their character and teammates uniform. Players can even choose to have the character they selected as the team captain wear a different color than the rest of the team!

What’s New?

As previously mentioned, Strike Force Heroes 3 is now available in an unblocked version. This allows players of all ages around the world to enjoy playing the game from literally any computer, whether they are playing during study hall at school, or at their desk at work. Try the unblocked version of Strike Force Heroes 3 today!

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