Strike Force Heroes 1

This is the finest free online game ever created. It is an amazing action game that provides the gamer with a complex plot and a lot of action. This game was produced by the popular brand Sky9 Games. For those that are planning to finish the game, they should but they must get through 3 different game modes, 15 campaign missions and lots of challenges.

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Everything in this game is innovative, created with the sole purpose of entertaining teens from all the corners of the world. In this game, the player will have to deal with different obstacles that will put him in situations in which, without creativity, one would not be able to survive. Everything in this game is about killing. If you want to survive and finish the game, you must kill all the enemies that are standing on your path.

About Strike Force Heroes 1

It is a spectacular game with an excellent graphic. Also, during the game, you will notice that the sound effects are perfectly fitting with the action, which is a rare thing to see at the online games. Also, the maps are extremely well made as well the menu is simple to follow. The game offers to the players more than 65 weapons that can be used during it in order to crush the enemies. The player will have access to a wide range of weapons that can be unlocked after finishing a mission.

The missions are extremely simple at first, but once you get to advance in the game, everything will have a turnaround. There will be no more simple and easy to accomplished missions, no more weak enemies and so on. Everything will change. When the player will approach the final missions, he will need the highest performing weapons in order to successfully defeat the enemies.


How to play Strike Force Heroes 1

The gamer has the option of choosing the type of soldier that he wants to be. In the first level, the gamer has to be a medic soldier but once he advances in the game, he can change his status. Also, during the game the player can obtain several medals. For example, with these medals, he can exchange soldiers with other benefits such as guns, streaking, and skills and so on. For each mission the player finishes he can obtain different medals. He can get the chance to fight with the creators of the game and many other things. If you want to find out how good your abilities are, you can try the challenges. In this way, you can be sure of what you are capable of.

For moving in the game, you must use the keys WASD or the arrows keys. If you want to jump you can use the keys Up, Space or W. For switching weapon you can use Q or Shift. If you want to activate Killstreak, you must use E or Ctrl and for reloading the game you must use R. Also, if you want to aim and to shoot into the target, you can use the mouse.


If the game is running slow, you can try to lower the graphics of your computer. The game is made of a very high quality and there are computers that do not accept it. You should know that usually the soldiers are able to counter something better than others. For example, the tanks have an Iron Will skill that helps them to counter better the explosives or other attacks that can cause serious damage. This game is an incredible one and you can only make sure of this by trying it.

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